Oyster Messabout



Date: Sunday, April 25, 2020

Time: Start about 10am, Lunch at 1pm, out by sunset.

Location: Group Picnic Shelter, Fort Flagler State Park, Marrowstone Island WA

About Fort Flagler State Park

Fort Flagler State Park is located on the north tip of Marrowstone Island. It has a boat ramp on west shore facing the interior of Kilisut Harbor with plenty of trailer parking. We've reserved the covered group picnic shelter just across the road from the boat ramp. Real restrooms are located a short distance north of the ramp. A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access. The park is well patrolled, so display your pass or expect a ticket.

About the Oysters

We've got donated Hood Canal Oysters which will be expertly shucked and prepped in advance for pan frying, and we'll have whole oysters for cooking on the grille. Raw oysters are not on the menu.

Boating in Kilisut Habor

This portion of the harbor is well protected from everything except south winds. Peak currents can run to 3 knots but they don't last long. Sunny days often result in a nice land breeze off the peninsula. Big boats will want to stay in the channel but smaller craft can play around on the sand bar once the tide comes in a bit. There is no pre-planned boating adventure but a trip to Rat Island is the obvious choice. This is first and foremost an excuse to eat oysters and there is no expectation that you even bring a boat.

The Ramp

The ramp is an aging, slippery, one lane affair with huge drop-offs on both sides. Its best feature is that it remains open. Considering the negative tide at noon it will probably be useful only for hand launching of small boats. There is no dock adjacent to the ramp. The float at the State Park pier is currently removed for winter but should be back in time for our messabout. Boat launch fee is $7.

Tides: Sunday, April 25, 2020

High 5:36 AM (8.1ft)

Low 12:19 PM ( -0.6ft)

High 8:09 PM (8.5ft)

Low 7:19 pm (-0.10ft)

About Food

Potluck lunch with pan fried oysters and a grille with whole oysters and a mix of grilled sausages. Please bring foods that spark joy for you including sides, deserts, soups, and bread. Some vegetarian options would be appreciated to offset the oysters and sausages. They'll be room on the grill if desired. Cold running water is available but there is no sink or hot water. Because the chapter rents the park building we hope that members will make a contribution to cover our costs.

What if it Rains?

If the weather is too nasty to go boating we’ll hang out in the covered picnic shelter, throw wood on the fire, and eat oysters. Perhaps we'll do that anyway.

Sponsor: Traditional Small Craft Association, Puget Sound Chapter

RSVP: Please RSVP to the TSCA Puget Sound groups.IO forum