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Jetty Island Messabout

Date: Saturday, Aiugust 18, 2018
Time: 11:00 am until about 5:00 pm

Location: Jetty Island, WA. Launch from Everett 10th Street Marina

Contact: Joel Bergen

Launch Ramp & Parking Info: The Everett 10th street public boat launch is the biggest in the state. With 13 lanes and 300 parking spaces, there is rarely any waiting to launch or park. The launch fee is $9, cash or credit.

Tides:      High 9.3'  12.50 a.m.
                 Low 1.0'   7.54 a.m.
                High 9.0'   3:47 p.m.
                 Low 6.9'   8:49 p.m.

Schedule and Activities: This messabout is my typical Saturday afternoon day-sail. I've done this day-sail more times than I can count. I enjoy it immensely and I look forward to sharing it with you.

After we launch we will sail South past the Port of Everett (the largest marina on the West coast), then past Naval Station Everett where we may see the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, destroyers, and other Naval ships.

From there we will sail about 4.5 miles down to Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. The Mukilteo Ivar's restaurant no longer has docks for us to tie up, but there is some space available on the floats at the public boat launch. We can grab some lunch at the outdoor Ivars (not the inside sit-down restaurant) or do a potluck at the park, then tour the Mukilteo lighthouse. The lighthouse will be open so we can go inside, upstairs to see the Fresnel lens and learn about the history of the lighthouse.

Next we could "race" around Hat island and on to the north end of Jetty island where there are a number of shipwrecks of century old abandoned wooden ships. (See video below.) The Snohomish river estuary has one of the largest Osprey nesting areas in the State for you birdwatchers. We'll sail among lots of kite surfers along the NW coast of Jetty Island. I try to stay clear of them, but they often sail circles around me! We can beach our boats on the North shore of Jetty Island and enjoy the jetty's nice sandy beaches, then make the short journey back to the boat launch.

Ship Graveyard. Jetty Island, Everett, Washington. from Darrell Kirk on Vimeo.

Food and Shelter: There are many fine restaurants and hotels around the Everett area. No camping is allowed on Jetty Island or at Lighthouse park, but there is plenty of guest moorage at the Everett marina and many places to anchor for anyone who would like to stay longer.

Local Knowledge: Posession Sound around the South end of Jetty Island, can get choppy due to powerboat traffic, but I’ve never had any problems in my 15’ Navigator.

There is usually a 10-15kt wind blowing from the NW down Saratoga Passage in the afternoon, making for a nice reach to and from Mukilteo. I can usually make the journey on a single tack in about an hour each way.

The beaches at Mukilteo are exposed and consist of gravel with a few large rocks mixed in. I would avoid beaching your boat there unless you can carry it out of the surf. If you choose to tie up to the boat launch floats, I recommend rafting on the outside of the floats so as not to obstruct people who are launching and retrieving..

The Snohomish river estuary around the North end of Jetty Island dries at low tide. Keep an eye out for deadheads. The area near the shipwrecks is very shallow, even at high tide. The tide for this messabout will be high enough for any shallow draft vessel to get around the North end of the jetty if you do it right. Be sure to consult your charts! If you have a fixed keel boat you may want to skip this part. You could tie up to the Jetty Island docks directly across from the launch ramp and hike the beautiful trail to the North end of the island instead.

RSVP: Please RSVP to the TSCA Puget Sound group on Yahoo.

Sponsor: Traditional Small Craft Association, Puget Sound Chapter

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Updated: February 5, 2018

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