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Cruise To Hell Creek and Back

Location: Fort Peck Reservoir, NE Montana

Date: 22-29 August 2018

Contact: Dan Rogers / Jim Young

Launch ramp and parking: Ramp adjacent to Fort Peck municipal marina.

Schedule and Activities: A circumnavigation of Fort Peck Reservoir.  The format will be a “raid” similar to the Texas-200.  This will put the cruise essentially out of reach of normally-available services and resources.  There are no docking facilities throughout the majority of the cruise route.  Sleeping aboard will be preferable to beach camping.  Human-powered vessels will be acceptable on a case by case basis, only.  Auxiliary sailing vessels are recommended, or power vessels with back-up main propulsion.

Required Equipment: Equipment list and registration form are posted here along with a downloadable pdf version of this document

Food and Shelter: Each vessel will be required to maintain crew and vessel operation for a minimum of 7 days without any outside assistance.  A required equipment list will be available well in advance of the cruise. 

Local Knowledge: The lake can become quite turbulent on occasion, subject to sustained prairie winds, thunder storms, and rapidly-forming rain squalls.  Shelter is readily available, and the cruise will be conducted with safety as the paramount consideration.  However, both vessel and crew must be capable of dealing with any navigational or heavy weather situation that may develop.

Accommodations:  None, other than the vessels participating.

Host: Dan Rogers / Jim Young

RSVP: By e-mail to Dan Rogers at DanAshore@conceptcable.com.

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Updated: 10 April 2018

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